Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Shaft! 2

Received my steering shaft today. It's still in good nick if you ask me. The splines look ok and the u-joint doesn't show signs of wear (play). Now, only need to check if it's the same size as my current one.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Not much happening on the Z-side of life. But what's new :)
However, I did happen to stumble upon a very cheap steering assy shaft; the lower part I've been planning to replace with aftermarket Woodward steering parts.

Having it shipped was more expensive than the shaft itself but still no reason enough to cry wolf. The reason why I bought it was because those people from Woodward still hadn't produced/shipped the 240Z specific U-joint UA20113. I tried to contact the Dutch distributor but they never bothered calling me back. Been too busy getting back to them about it but will try to do so next week. It's € 73 they owe me, and if I can't get hold of the UA20113, I have no use for the other parts. So, we'll see what happens.